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Inclusive Education Services

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Inclusive Education Services strives to deliver an innovative and distinctive post-secondary educational experience, by offering individuals with intellectual disabilities immersive campus and vocational opportunities to achieve excellence at UCF and beyond.

Target Audience

  • Students with intellectual disabilities who cannot otherwise traditionally access college opportunities
  • Must have exited K –12 system
  • Desire to attend college
  • *No age requirements*

Intended Outcomes

  • Further pursuit of knowledge
  • Advancing employability
  • Personal growth and development

Curriculum and Academics

  • 2 courses per semester (6 credit hours) over 3 years—36 credit hours overall
  • Off-campus Internship during year 3
  • Full access to UCF Course Catalogue
  • Take courses in field of interest with vocational focus
  • Take course electives
  • Inclusive classrooms
  • Non-Degree experience at this time—no official degree or certificate upon completion

Work Experiences

  • Paid and unpaid work experiences on campus during Years 1 and 2
  • Work 5-10 hours per week
  • Currently, students are working and volunteering at the Recreation and Wellness Center, Mail Room, Student Union, Study Labs, and on-campus day care

Support - Resource Facilitators

  • Paid peer mentors—UCF students
  • Facilitate independence and age-appropriate experiences
  • Connect with existing UCF resources

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