Financial Resources

For most students, participating in college requires careful financial consideration.  For your knowledge, we would like to provide you with all the eligible financial aid options.

The Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities recognizes IES at UCF as an approved program.  With this designation, all students automatically receive an annual scholarship of up to $7,000, to be used toward academic expenses. Students may receive no more than $14,000 during the duration of the IES experience so long as the student maintains satisfactory academic progress. Failure to meet satisfactory academic progress and being placed on academic probation can increase expenses, can result in loss of scholarship, and can increase the semester(s) needed to earn the credential.

Vocational Rehabilitation may provide tuition assistance to students if IES aligns with the student’s individuals plan for employment.  Students and families are encouraged to contact the VR counselor in their county or region. To find the closest VR Office, visit here.

Inclusive Education Services is a designated Comprehensive Transition Program.  Families and students are eligible to apply to the Free Application for Student Federal Aid (FASFA) through the US Department of Education.  Students may be eligible for Pell, SEOG, Work-Study, and the State scholarship.  Completing the FAFSA does not guarantee eligibility for these funds. To learn more about the qualifications and eligibility visit Free Application for Student Federal Aid.