Program Overview


The mission of Inclusive Education Services is to offer UCF students with intellectual disabilities an academic program of study, with a career and professional development focus. Through campus participation, students discover and develop their passions and strengths, enhancing their ability to facilitate long-term, paid and fulfilling employment after graduation.


Inclusive Education Services strives to deliver an innovative and distinctive post-secondary educational experience, by offering individuals with intellectual disabilities immersive campus and vocational opportunities to achieve excellence at UCF and beyond.

Course Study

Inclusive Education Services is a 42 unit, 2-year program.  IES offers concentrations in Hospitality, Education, or Social Services.  Student course loads will vary per semester and students will be enrolled in one or more inclusive classes each semester.  Classes and campus experiences will occur in the Fall/Spring. During the second Spring semester, students will complete a community capstone internship experience. All students must meet the program requirements and complete the capstone internship before receiving the Professional Services Credential.

Capstone Internship

Career Liaisons will work with each student to connect with an off-campus internship partner who will provide a semester-long internship.


Career Liaisons

Our Career Liaisons will work with each student to secure an on-campus work experience for a minimum of one semester.

Resident Assistants

Each on-campus living community will have trained Residence Life staff available at all times to support emergency situations.

Resource Facilitators

A team of Resource Facilitators will work with each student to connect with on-campus events and provide academic support.