How to Prepare for College

For each of the following topics, students are encouraged to gain experience in as many of the recommended areas as possible. Students need not be proficient in all areas in order to be admitted to UCF via IES. The IES team will offer some basic real-time and natural environment training, instruction and support in these different areas with students who are on campus.

Topic Recommendations
  • Ability to send and receive text messages
  • Using email
  • Using social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Knowing personal information: name, address, phone summer, SSN, etc.
  • Using a laptop/tablet
  • Using Microsoft office: power point, excel, word, etc.
  • Making videos on phone and computer
  • Navigating the internet
  • Inputting contact information onto phone
  • Putting usernames/passwords in safe location on phone/computer
  • Printing from a computer
  • Completing assignments within their due dates
  • Completing homework assignments
  • Recreational reading (no specific grade level necessary)
  • Navigating school campus on your own
  • Following verbal directions
  • Following written directions
  • Joining a club of interest
  • Volunteering somewhere in the community
  • Applying for a part time job in your interest field
  • Applying for an internship in your interest field
  • Learning employment skills: instructions, leadership, organization, etc.
House Duties
  • Basic living needs/chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning room, cleaning bathroom, taking trash out, making your bed, making simple breakfasts and lunches
Independence/Self Advocacy
  • Maintaining/Following a daily schedule
  • Making decisions on your own
  • Taking medicine/vitamins on your own
  • Committing to events you verbally commit too
  • Identifying personal interests
  • Developing time management skills
  • Prioritizing activities, tasks, etc.
  • Following your dreams/goals!!!!
  • Knowing emergency contact numbers: i.e. 911, parents/guardian, etc.
  • Identify the difference between a genuine friendship and someone who takes advantage
Personal Management/Hygiene
  • Using a credit card/debit card
  • Taking money out of an ATM
  • Money Management
  • Maintaining personal hygiene habits for your own health: i.e brushing teeth, showering, using deodorant.