Our Credential

During the summer of 2018, the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services collaborated with the College of Innovation and Education to conduct a review of local needs of the greater Orlando area.  The Central Florida Employment Outlook ranked the top industries hiring in: (a) healthcare, (b) skills trade, (c) technology, (d) sales, (e) construction, and (f) education.

After reviewing the employment needs, the University of Central Florida’s academic specialty areas and collecting data regarding the Inclusive Education Services (IES) students’ academic and vocational interests.  The following three areas were selected for the IES-Course-Sequence-and-Overview  (a) Hospitality, (b) Social Services, and (c) Education.

Within the credential, the academic courses within the concentrations are intentionally selected to provide vocational and academic depth to the student experience. Additionally, IES staff identify the need to build career development, personal leadership, and a variety of on-and-off campus vocational and internship experiences. Upon successful completion of 42 credential units throughout four-semester opportunity, students will earn a Professional Services Credential through the Division of Continuing Education with support from the College of Education and Human Performance and SDES.